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Small bore and full bore rifle & pistol shooting from 25 to 1,000 yards

Updated 21st August 2014
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Indoor shoot at BAGC, Wednesday 27th August
Status: confirmed
Don't miss out on a good evening's shooting
Email the Secretary if you'd like to go

Full bore shoot, Peatfell, Saturday 30th August 2014, 0900-1600hrs
Status: confirmed
Email the Secretary if you'd like to go.

Consett Club's Historical Rifle Competition Day - 30 August 2014
This is an excellent day out, a chance to meet other shooters and see vintage rifles in action but
also to shoot your own rifle (whether vintage of state-of-the-art). There's something for everyone
and you don't have to be a crack shot to win - just good enough. The entry form is available on
the Consett Club's website website. Note: the Consett shoot clashes with a
TRPC shoot on Peatfell the same day. Both are all-day shoots.

For Sale and Wanted
A .22 centrefire Wildcat 12 sound moderator is available for sale.
A 12ga Baikel single-barrel shotgun is also for sale.
Please email the Webmaster if interested in either.

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